Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. (KKEL) has always stood for a system of education that espouses child-centric education. The last 15 years saw KKEL in the roles of a pioneer effectively introducing a system of education that reveals in bringing about a "joy in learning".

Lina Ashar

KKEL has always believed in providing a holistic system of education that supports all kinds of learners and stimulates passion for learning and reasoning in children. KKEL’s association with Bhopal began in 2005 when Billabong High International School, Bhopal was established. An educational hub of Central India, Bhopal immediately found a kinship with our system of education. When I first saw the Bhopal center, I felt a surge of emotions. It was a manifestation of a piece of my vision.

Over the years, Bhopal center indeed has been instrumental in further purporting this vision. However the success of the school cannot be attributed only to the philosophies. It was the consummate execution and the commitment to excellence that beacons the Billabong High, Bhopal as an exemplary institution. The enthusiasm of Bhopal school till date never fails to enthrall me.

In fact with their consistent efforts, the Bhopal Centre has achieved what can be held as no small feat for KKEL. The ICSE affiliation helped us dispel many skeptics and infused trust in parents across all our schools. It has been KKELs vision to provide superlative quality of education which impacts the learning curve in children. Bhopal is one of the centers which fulfils this mission of ours with commendable certainty and credibility.

Lina Ashar (Founder)