International School Bhopal

Dear Parents,

Where the world ends - let me take you to that point, maybe the Andes, or Cape Comorin or the Wilsons promontory - the end is the beginning, in fact, there is no end, it never was meant to be... the seconds that filled the days, months and years have been alibi to man's readiness for the acceptance of change - the heart that sees the change much before the world does, it lives the change and one day becomes the change - absorbed to the cause of it. Humans have been born with the inherent nature of getting adapted, seasoned and accustomed to every routine causing a twinge in its infant state but soon the cloth sits fine! Thus change is the beginning, change is at the seed of all marvels, and change is thus welcome!

On this note, I welcome you to the new academic session 2023 - 24 - another new reason to sustain, progress and achieve - a prelude to the bigger goals that we have laid out for the entire school that is home to abundant talent and unparalleled potential - a cradle to learning, thinking and regard for hard work - the prime vision that has been a constant stimulus towards scaling new pinnacles and commendations.

Our faith in aspiring, being spiritually oriented, attaining wisdom, promoting creativity, and working towards a harmonious world, has steered us to jump milestone after milestone. We are bringing new hopes and ushering fresh and innovative ideas into making the learning process a more engaging, involving and enjoyable experience.

With the new session at the threshold, we, at Billabong are sure to thrive academically, but more than that, as a human - whose struggles have not gone futile and whose history is filled with sagas that bespeak human endeavour and the ceaseless unabated longing to flourish. The school opens its gates for all of us to repeat history!

While we are resuming school now, those who wish to soar against their gravitating comfort zones are destined to enjoy the best years...and the best that life has to offer...Our efforts move towards the common goal of creating humans who walk hand in hand and reach their destination.

So before I sign off…I would like to leave a pertinent thought for the parents as well…a numero uno tag for your child or one whose real achievement is in being content with having extended help and support to anyone in need? What would you choose for your child?

Is your child the one who believes in creating a path and a niche for himself? Or the one who believes in collaboration, cooperation and unified progression and is remembered forever as someone who epitomised the humane aspects?

The choice rests with you...
Welcome back once again!

"We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future."
- Franklin D Roosevelt

With all best wishes,

Ashish Agarwal (Principal)